Hi! I figured Id just type about me, rather than a formal bio. I'm from St Croix, USVI, but have been all up in Brooklyn for a while now. I've been a part of the NYC indie Hip Hop scene since the early 00's and have rocked every EOW/Braggin Rights/Freestyle Mondays rap show you can name. I even hosted my own at the Knitting Factory. I've toured the country and the world as myself, and with bands MINDSpray & Deathrow Tull(we once played NYC's first gay/straight wedding at La Mama). I wrote a theme song for an MTV show and have a cameo in the documentary FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme. I've also rapped at weddings, schools, prisons, sides of busses, store windows (whattup Chashama!), and most streetcorners you've seen.

 I should probably give a lil background on the theater part. I moved to the states to be an actor. As a mixed race Caribbean kid, I had trouble figuring out where to find roles that i felt comfortable playing. I started writing for myself and others by turning my music into plays. I was a member of the Public Theater's EWG, and had a reading of Sound is Vibration, a love story about A beatboxer and a graf writer. I've acted and collaborated in indie shows at all the requisite festivals, played the Green Show at OSF, and had readings at the Ohio Theater. I've rocked a number of theaterings with Subjective, Company Cypher, and the National Black Theater.

One other thing I wanted to add is that every piece I create ends up having an educational component. It's the 'each on teach one' part of Hip Hop. I'm always looking to build avenues of learning from the moments of clarity that great performances can bring us. I've been piloting my ed programs back home in St Croix and just finished a tour of Hip Hop & Finance workshops on the West Coast. Oh yeah, I also have a weekly podcast about those on Bondfire Radio.