The museum of dead words makes its NYC debut!

art apple nyc gallery in bushwick
from Sept 21-sept 27

tour schedule and Tickets at

photo by @raemaxwell

photo by @raemaxwell

Tickets at

OPENING NIGHT: Join us on September 21st where you can see the Museum of Dead Words come to life!


Featuring visual artists and musicians including: Chris Carr (Brooklyn Wildlife), Sid Suna, brokeMC, Abby Walsh, Kristen Crouch, Willie Green, Native, Maggie Muldoon, Joe Drymala, and more!


Food as Communication: Sunday, 9/22: Afternoon tour at 2pm, followed by a Food as Communication panel

Rhythm as Communication: Monday, 9/23: Evening tour at 7pm, followed by a Hip Hop Education Night

Access as Communication: Tuesday, 9/24: Evening tour at 7pm, followed by a digital safety panel

Data as Communication: Wednesday, 9/25: Evening tour at 7pm, followed by a racial wealth divide panel

Commerce as Communication: Thursday, 9/26: Artist Financial Plan workshop on the Credit Hustle at 7pm (sign up here), followed by an evening tour at 9pm

CLOSING NIGHT: Join us on September 27th where we lay the dead words to rest!

Tickets at

The Museum of Dead Words

with your tour guide, Dyalekt

Directed by Andrew J Scoville | Curated by Kristen Crouch

If you've ever found yourself in an unexpectedly heated argument on the internet and don't know how you ended up in a dithering pile of semantics over days of your life you'll never get back, you are not alone.

MC/Playwright/Educator Dyalekt has spent a year researching internet comments to find out what words turned conversations into fights and ultimately died on the internet.

He has turned this research into a one man show/museum tour/art installation/rap album (happening all at once!) that explores how communication through the typed word is changing language rapidly, how words can lose their meaning and become weaponized, and how to find empathy and true connection with each other.

If something can live on the internet forever and simultaneously never be discovered, how do you find ways to remember your humanity and connectivity?

Join Dyalekt for a guided museum tour where we exhibit 11 words that died on the internet, mourn their passing, move forward together with more empathy and understanding.

Patrons will enter and exit through the gift shop where local artists and entrepreneurs will be sharing their art and wares and hopefully we will fund the revolution together.

Get tickets to the NYC debut at Art Apple NYC:

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